Mural in Odense: City Fish

City Fish: Odense Å

This mural is a visual interpreation of the hidden life beneath the surface of Odense River featuring 22 species of fish in the river. The painting is called City Fish: Odense River.

The 35 meter long wall twists and bends as it follows the flow of the meandering river in central Odense. It is situated at the south entrance to the Fairy Tale Garden in Odense (Eventyrhaven). Find the location on a map.

Odense River runs almost 60 km from Arreskov Lake across Funen, through the city of Odense and into Odense Fjord. It is a unique natural and recreational area with a varied wildlife.

City Fish: Odense River is kindly supported by Odense Municipality.

Odense Kommune

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Byfisk: Odense ÅByfisk: Odense Å