Mural in Odense

I painted this mural on a building near Sukkergården on Christiansgade 20 in Odense, Denmark. The image is a round tree structure branching out across the wall.

The image and style is inspired by paper cutting as an artform. Birds can be found inside the tree and waves frame the structure. The location is Christiansgade 20 bordering on a treelined park right next to the Odense River.

A lot of people made this project possible – thanks to Bøg Madsen Ejendomme for letting me paint on their building and thanks to the neighbours for all the positive support. Also thanks to Odense Kommune and Ingeniør N.M. Knudsens Foundation for supporting the project. And last but not least – thanks to Loxam Denmark for supplying me with the lifter.

Mural in Odense Tree
Mural Odense Tree
Mural Odense Tree
Photo: René Odgaard Fusentast Film